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Simple changes can transform the look of an outfit or even your home.
Here are a few tips from Fiona, owner of F&R. Fiona has hundreds of great ideas and tips that she will happily share with you ... ask her next time you visit F&R!

Changing the cushions in a room changes the whole look at a fraction of the cost

Mix vintage and new for an original look no one else will have

Accessories such as shoes and bags don’t need to match the outfit; often a contrast turns the outfit from “good” to “jaw dropping wow”!!

A simple bangle or bracelet suits everyone young and old and can transform an outfit

Wearing a formal hat for an occasion is not easy when you are not used to them. Often the hat will look more natural if placed on your head at a slight angle

Trio of things- placing odd numbers in a room works well.Place groups of 3 items such as jewellery stands, handbags, shoes, nest of tables to create a theme.

A simple chiffon/silk scarf wrapped around your neck instantly gives you a chic “European” look

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